August 2018


Midway Chapter 16,

P.O. Box 1774, Salina, KS 67402-1774

Issue: 8                       Date: August 2018

    “UNITED WE STAND”     

OFFICERS:  President – Richard Trow 785-577-3442; Vice President – William Whitman; 785-488-2814;

Secretary - Bill Vinyard 785-787-0655; Treasurer: - Shirley Wagner; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956 

2018 MEETING DATE/LOCATION: August 10, 2018. Salina Senior Center AT 1:00 pm, Board Room 

MEAL:  Hawaiian Sliders or Potato Bar, mac-n-cheese, peas, and pineapple chunks

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS: As we enter August, I do feel that ourpositive approach to recruiting and in general just letting people know that weare not only one of the many trying to collect monies for our use on varioussundry items. But instead a group of former service people, whether we arespouses of or the prior service member. We all have certain valuableexpressions of our service for our country: By utilizing our members ratherthan relying on our Officers who try to give a canned response towardRecruiting. You the members can give your personal touch, which willprovide more honest feelings. Remember you are TREA Chapter-16. WEARE DIFFERENT, AND ONLY YOU CAN EXPRESS THAT FEELING. Iam very proud of you all. Your President - Richard (Dick) Trow


REST HOME:    William Long 


DO THE RIGHT THING:  Please RENEW YOUR TREA MEMBERSHIP. Every member strengthens The Enlisted Association’s political clout and helps our chapter. As a member, you make everything we do possible. If you misplaced your renewal form let us know, we are ready to send you one. Your support is significant and very much appreciated.


NEW MEMBER: We welcome aboard Cecil Grimsley Air Force Veteran recruited by Nelson. Newell.  


GUEST SPEAKER:   Shawn Homan, City of Salina Code Enforcement Officer. Subjects he will talk about are city permits and codes for houses, storage sheds, carports, etc.


LAST CALL: To keep receiving the monthly Chapter Newsletter by Postal Service mail you must pay an annual fee of $14.00.  The $14.00 price is for postage and printing cost.  Hence, there is no fee to receive Newsletter by E-mail. Also, the monthly Newsletter is on our Website  


BIRTHDAY IN AUGUST:   Fortino Bonilla, Billy Booe, Leroy Rittel,Rachel Fikes, Abraham Holzmeister, Nelson Newell, and Moses Stewart.  


JULY MEETING TIDBITS: Meeting attendance drawing winner was Moses Stewart ($20 gift card). Bill Vinyard gave an update on the Sunset Park War Memorial Expansion Project. All agreed for the Chapter to sponsor JROTC cadets at St John’s Military School instead of the JROTC in Wichita. At August meeting we will finalize the number of cadets to sponsor. On August 11th, our Chapter will have a recruiting table in Central Mall. Events coordinator Nelson Newell will be in charge. Discussed was 2018 budget and new items for the 2019 budget. Treasurer S. Wagner gave a financial report of $1181.24 in the checking account.


HEAT OVEREXPOSURE: Some of the typical signs of heat overexposure are: heavy sweating, but if a heat stroke sets in, the body can no longer compensate and stops sweating, pale skin, muscle cramps, feeling tired and weak, altered mental status (confusion), headache, becoming semi-conscious or passing out, and nausea or vomiting.  


COMMISSARY AND EXCHANGE MAY OPEN TO DISABLED VETS:The final version of the 2019 Defense Authorization Act (2019 NDAA) would allow disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and caregivers of veterans severely injured in war to shop on military bases, paying slightly more at checkout than current patrons. They also will be able to use base recreational facilities. Read this week's Military Update to learn more about the 2019 NDAA.


SUMMERTIME QUOTE: You might not remember what you had for dinner last night, but you remember everything about one particular summer of your youth. It’s like that. Sigrid Nunez

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