February 2021


Midway Chapter 16

P.O. Box 1774, Salina Kansas 67402-1774

February 2021                                Issue: 2

OFFICERS:  President – Fred Fanning 785-201-7824; Vice President – Gary Keil 785-822-4131; Secretary - Bill Vinyard 

785-787-0655; Treasurer: - Roger Thull 785-827-7981; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956 




PRESIDENT'S REMARKS:  Hello everyone. I hope that each of you is safe and healthy. I expect each of you will have a chance to take the Vaccine for COVID-19 if you want to.  After that, we can work our way back to our monthly meeting. I will call each member this month to see where we are and how you are doing. This month we had some members that made Free Will Donations. Thanks to members like them, we will be able to continue to operate as a chapter.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Warmest regards,



TAPS:  Chapter Member William Lee Long (retired MSGT USAF) passed away December 26, 2020. Keep the Long Family members in your thoughts and prayers.

REST HOME/SICK/RECUPERATING:   Roger Thull, Nelson Newell, and Dorothy Armster. Please continue to pray for their well-being and safety.


COVID-19 VACCINE:  The VA Clinic in Salina is giving the COVID-19 Vaccine.  Veterans should call at 785-827-1580 or visit the Clinic; thus, the VA will place your name on the Vaccine list.  

The Saline County Health Department is taking COVID-19 Vaccine appointments for Phase 2 people aged 65 and older.  Registering for a vaccine is available online at www.vaccinatesalinecountyks.com/paperwork. Also, the Senior Center 827-9818 will assist people in signing up online.  To register by telephone, contact: Salina Family Healthcare Center 825-7251 or Saline County Health Department 826-6606. As well, some of the local Pharmacies will give the Vaccine.   


A KANSAS VETERAN RECREATION BENEFITS:  Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses for National Guard Members and 30% or more disabled Kansas resident veterans can get free hunting and fishing licenses.

Active-duty military personnel stationed in Kansas can purchase all annual state licenses, permits, and stamps at the resident rate. Military certificates for elk draw are available for active-duty military personnel stationed at Fort Riley.  


FINANCIAL REPORT:   Our expenditures were: $16.50 on stamps, $538.00 (storage rental).   Free Will Donations totaling $300.00; this leaves a checkbook balance of $900.61.   Free Will Money Donations are appreciated.   Please make your check payable to TREA Chapter 16 and mail it to the above address on this Newsletter.   


AIRBORNE HAZARD EXPOSURES:  Veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other Southwest Asia areas may have been exposed to airborne hazards like burn pits.  Even if you do not think you were in jeopardy of a specific danger, you can take steps to monitor your health proactively and help other Veterans. Other longer-term issues that might be caused by a combination of hazardous exposures, injuries, or illnesses, including the smoke and fumes from burn pits, fuel, aircraft exhaust, and other mechanical fumes, sand, dust, and particulate matter, general air pollution common in certain countries, fuel, aircraft exhaust, and other mechanical fumes, smoke from oil well fires, and blast or noise.  VA established the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry in 2014 to put data to work for Veterans and help understand these exposures' potential health effects. By joining the registry, you can provide information that supports ongoing research and allows VA to offer better care to all Veterans. Participation in the registry is voluntary and cannot negatively impact your access to VA health care or your claim for compensation and benefits. 

Visit www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/burnpits/registry.asp.

VALENTINE'S DAY QUOTE: "Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday." ― Ted Kooser



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