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There are only 25 TREA chapters in the USA, including Puerto Rico.Twelve years ago, there was a TREA chapter in Junction City and Wichita; however, the two did not survive. We are the ONLY TREA chapter in Kansas.


In 2014, all TREA chapters received the shocking news of a significant financial shortfall at TREA National Headquarters and the stoppage of quarterly rebates money to chapters based upon their membership numbers. The move left all chapters to seek other financial support avenues and become self-funded. Without chapter 16's dedicated members' tremendous support by "FREE WILL DONATIONS," we would not have endured as a group. 

Chapter 16 mission and membership requirements are the same as the National Enlisted Association. 

We have unique Bylaws because we included procedures for operating under emergency/disaster conditions such as the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Yearly we make donations to different local organizations.

In 2021, we sponsored, i.e., Veterans Appreciation  Fundraiser dinner and quarterly recruitment events.

At the end of the year, we established a budget for the new year.

Every two years, we elect chapter officers by ballot voting.


Chapter 16 have three members who are a member of the Salina-Saline County War Memorial Incorporation (SSCWMI) Expansion Committee. The first SSCWMI was formed in 1992 but disbanded in 1994. In 2018, with the approval of our chapter membership, two members helped reinstate the SSCWMI. The new committee aims to restart the purchase of engraved bricks to honor veterans for placement in the Walk of Honor area of the War Memorial in Sunset Park, Salina, KS.   Also, to construct new memorials for future usage. For more information, please visit the SSCWMI website  


Our Chapter publishes a monthly Newsletter and has a very informative website

and Facebook page, Please visit our website or Facebook page to learn what our Chapter is doing and its accomplishments.



Chapter 16 is an extension of the National Enlisted Association; any concerns you have or relate to us, we will elevate it to our National Headquarters or the appropriate agency. We are here to help you.


• Remarkable friendship because every member is family.
• Opportunity to grow and become a chapter officer.
• Attend our monthly meetings a chance to win a Gift Card. 
• The first membership meeting you attend will receive a Free lunch.
• Receive a Free monthly chapter newsletter for One year.  
• One free TREA logo patch.  
• At December monthly meeting, we pay for all members' lunch and have Christmas gift drawings.


If you know or have a relative or friend, a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran, have them give us a call or visit our website or Facebook page.  


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