Midway Chapter 16

P.O. Box 1774, Salina, Kansas 67402-1774

       Issue: 5                          May 2020

OFFICERS:  President – Fred Fanning 785-201-7824; Vice President – Gary Keil; 785-822-4131; Secretary - Bill Vinyard 785-787-0655; Treasurer - Roger Thull 785-827-7981; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956.

                DATE/LOCATION:    ****MAY 8, 2020,  MEETING IS CANCELED.****


CHAPTER MEETING: We hope that you are staying safe and well during these difficult times in our country. As most of you know, there has been a change to the KS stay-at-home order. But the social distancing continues. The COVID-19 condition has not changed that much, with regret we had to cancel our May Meeting. We wish all of you mothers’ blessings and a Happy Mother’s Day. Also, a great Memorial Day to everyone.

MAY BIRTHDAYS:  William Vinyard, Fredrick Ramírez, and Duane Snyder.

REST HOME/SICK:  William Long and Roger Thull. 


CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP TOTAL:  Our chapter membership has decreased to 53.  This year, we lost seven members due to the non-renewal; five had received a free membership. We much appreciate those of you who faithfully renewed your membership.

FORT RILEY 2020 RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY (RAD) EVENT: On April 18, the Fort Riley Retiree Council held its quarterly meeting using the Zoom video conference app via computer and mobile device. Seventeen council members were on the connection. Discussed was the 2020 RAD, and we set a date of October 17, 2020. This year a box lunch was proposed instead of a buffet type meal. Nevertheless, a lot depends on the status of the COVID-19 Virus pandemic. September 1, 2020 is the decision day to cancel or postpone RAD 2020 if determined necessary by the Fort Riley Garrison Commander. This year our chapter is supposed to have a recruiting booth at the RAD.  


COVID19 PREVENTION: On April 13, the Fort Riley Commissary and Exchange facilities require ALL customers to wear face coverings. It is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the Fort Riley community and the surrounding area. This rule does not apply to children younger than age two or persons with difficulty breathing or unable to remove the mask without assistance. Patrons should bring their face coverings and put them on before entering these locations. These mentioned facilities instituted daily early bird hours from 9 to 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday for all retirees, people over 60, pregnant women, and persons with significant medical issues. The early bird hours will occur until further notice. There are hand sanitizing stations located in between each gas pump at all post gas stations. Customers ought to use the hand sanitizing stations before and after the use of the gas pump.  And all gas pump handles, and number pads will be sanitized once per hour. 


SOME MILITARY RETIREES WIILL RECEIVE A TRICARE REFUND: About 35,000 military retirees will soon receive cash refunds from Tricare, thanks to a policy change made last year that affects how Tricare calculates annual out-of-pocket maximum payments. The rebates impact retirees with Tricare Prime, who paid more than $2,400 out of pocket towards their maximum yearly amount in 2018 and 2019. They do not impact Tricare for Life or Tricare Retired Reserve users.



The IRS has released a feature on its website that will get you your coronavirus relief check faster if you are not required to file a tax return. The Non-filers Enter Payment Info Here feature debuted on the IRS website on April 10. For several weeks, the IRS had urged people who don't file taxes or receive Social Security benefits to submit a simple tax return to speed up the payment process.


MOTHER’S DAY QUOTE: "To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world." 


HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE: Memorial Day is a time to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by those who have died to protect our freedom.  It is crucial to always remember these brave heroes.



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