Membership in Chapgter 16

Regular Membership: Any enlisted person who has been honorably discharged from any active or reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States, or is currently Active Duty, shall be eligible for regular membership, including life membership. A retired member advanced to Commissioned or Warrant Office status, either through recall to active duty or on the retired list shall remain eligible for regular membership as long as their dues are kept current. In addition, the spouses of alive or deceased eligible veterans, are eligible for regular membership.

 Regular Membership: Any honorably discharged enlisted person – retired, active duty, National Guard or Reserve, or the spouse of an honorably discharged enlisted person - retired, active duty, National Guard or Reserve shall be eligible for regular membership. Regular membership entitles the member to all privileges of membership including attending conventions, making motions and holding office.

New Member

Renewal Membership Number: # _________________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Birthdate: ________________________

Address: __________________________________ City:____________________State: __________ Zip Code: __________

Phone Number: _____________________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________________________ Spouse: ________________________________

Your Grade/Rank: ______________ Years Served: from _____ to _____
Recruiter Information: Name: ______________________ Member Number ______________________

Service: Air Force Army Navy Marines Coast Guard Guard/Reserve

I am : Retired Veteran Active Duty Spouse of a veteran

I acknowledge that I am an Enlisted U.S. Armed Forces Veteran and as such qualify to be a member of TREA: The Enlisted Association (if joining as a veteran spouse, your signature acknowledges the veteran status of your veteran spouse) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Applicant, please sign here)

Membership Fees (Does not include Chapter dues, if applicable) One Year - $30
Two Years - $55
Three Years - $75
Life Membership (under 70) - $400 Life Membership (over 70) - $350
Payment: Visa
Master Card Discover American Express
Check (Make checks payable to: TREA)
Please return your completed application to:
TREA: The Enlisted Association - 12200 E. Briarwood Ave, Suite 250 - Centennial, CO 80112 303-752-0660 800-338-9337
   paid in 10, $42 quarterly payments: $420 total paid in 10, $37 quarterly payments: $370 total
    Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date: ___________________


  June 2021  
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