April 2017 Newsletter


                      Midway Chapter 16, P.O. Box 1774

              Salina, Kansas 67402-1774


     Issue: 4                         Year:  April 2017   

 Chapter  Officers: President – Richard Trow 785-577-3442; Vice President – William Whitman; 785-488-6442;

Treasurer – Vickie Guillot; Secretary - Bill Vinyard 785-827-8394; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956

MEETING DATE/LOCATION: April 14, at the SALINA SENIOR CENTER, second floor Board Room AT 1:00pm.  MEAL: Beef Tenderloin/Béarnaise Sauce or Cilantro Lime Tilapia, mash potatoes, baby carrots or creamed spinach, spring cupcakes, dinner roll


PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS:  Last week, I sat at Bayard's cafe in deep thought about Leadership role to figure out the solution of increasing our membership. I believe we sit in a position to exercise the leadership that is needed.  The programs we schedule at our chapter meetings such as Guest Speakers to get more members interest to attend our meeting and implementation of quarterly one free membership have been kind of successful.  Nevertheless, we must make better decisions, creativity techniques like brainstorming and “DO IT" to generate new eye-catching ideas/advertisement on what we are doing. The Salina Journal newspaper is an excellent source to get our word out. We have the ability; we have the astuteness, let us find the methods to attract new members and bring back into the fold those members who do not feel at home with us. This problem is not only a TREA one but a PROBLEM for all VETERAN Groups. All are on the decline. This will require every Hands-on Deck and TURNING TO; WE CAN DO THIS because of the "CAN-DO SPIRIT" is with-in US. We need all member's involvement, ideas and point of views on if our decisions align with our chapter values and mission. Membership involvement helps us to move forward to grow as a Chapter. I wish all of you a Happy Easter.  Thank You… Your President


ANTICIPATED GUEST SPEAKER:  Jason Cage, Salina City Manager, who will give an update on projects/plans in Salina and answers questions. This is an opportunity to voice your concerns.


DO THE RIGHT THING:  Renew your TREA membership by means of contacting TREA HQ, sending in  renewal application, or contact the chapter.


REST HOME:   Virginia Whitman, Taft Yates Senior and Cyril Hermann.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


APRIL BIRTHDAYS:  Reid Williams, Earl Schaeffer, and Richard Trow.


SUPPORT THE LOCAL DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS AUXILIARY (DAVA):  On April 15th, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the DAVA Ladies Auxiliary will have its annual Bake Sale at DAV Thrift Store entrance, 901 W. Crawford.  A donation of bake goods (cakes, pies, cookies, etc.) is appreciated. Drop off the bake goods at the DAV Store on Saturday morning. Furthermore, you can contact Lorene Burch at 452-2978 who will arrange for someone to pick up your pastries (April 14 or 15). The sale proceeds will benefit local veterans. So support our chapter member Dorothy Armster, who is a DAVA officer.


MARCH MEETING TIBITS:  Guest Speaker Jason Hill won the four Kansas City Royal's Baseball Tickets.  Jim Deister won $20.00 gift card. President R. Trow mentioned the TREA Scholarship for 2017-2018. Member J. Deister advised that there were no available seats remaining on the first Honor Flight to Washington DC in June 2017. Guest Speaker Jason Hill (SFC Army Ret), Director of Saline County Health Department spoke on the services provided by the Health Department. He accepted a TREA membership application.  Secretary B. Vinyard gave the Treasurer report with a balance of $1358.46. Duties for the Web Administer and Media/Coordinator positions were prepared for adding to the chapter bylaws.  Members in attendance were given a copy of the duties to review, which will be voted and approved during the April meeting.  Voted and approved were; two new chapter banners, continuation of the chapter website, and one free TREA membership quarterly.


WILL OUR VA/TRICARE HEALTHCARE BENEFITS REMAIN SAFE? See attachment one E-MAIL FROM TREA HQ dated March 24th.  This is something for all of us to think about, that this issue will resurface again.  


SALINA MILITARY AFFAIRS COUNCIL (MAC) MEETING:  See attachment two on the Salina MAC March 17, 2017

Meeting Minutes.


GUEST SPEAKERS: Know any POTENTIAL guest speaker veteran or non-veteran officials (policeman, city/county councilmen, etc.)? Provide us their name and phone number, and we'll contact the individual.  


TAX DAY QUOTE: The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress. - Will Rogers




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