Membership in Chapgter 16

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Regular Members - Any enlisted person -- retired, active duty, National Guard or Reserves -- shall be eligible for regular membership. Any Active Duty Enlisted person with 7 or more years retirement creditable service shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, including attending conventions, making motions, and holding office.


Veteran Members - Any honorably discharged person (as noted on a DD214 or NGB-22) may apply for membership. They may attend convention, vote, and make motions. They must be a member in good standing for three years to eligible to run for National office. The term “regular member” encompasses both charter and life members of TREA.


Associate Members - Widows/widowers of members and non-members, who were eligible for membership at the time of their death, are eligible to join TREA: The Enlisted Association members. Associate members are not eligible for life membership. Associate members shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, with the right to make motions, vote, and/or hold office. With-in Chapter 16.

  July 2018