September 2019

September 2019

Issue 9

OFFICERS:  President – Richard Trow 785-577-3442; Vice President – William Whitman; 785-488-2814; Secretary-Bill Vinyard 785-787-0655; Chaplain–Moses Stewart 785-827-5956; Treasurer: - Shirley Wagner


2019 MEETING DATE/LOCATION: September 13, Carver Center AT 5:00 PM


PICNIC MEAL:  Chicken and Hot Dogs and a variety of cover dishes, desserts, etc.


CHAPTER PICNIC:  September 13th 5:00 PM, Carver Center, we ask that you bring a cover disk.  The chapter will provide the meat, drinks, utensils, and other necessary items.  The time of 5:00 PM is for those of you that work can attend.     SO COME ON OUT!


GUEST SPEAKER:   Chris Ratcliff, Director of McCall Manor, Salina Senior Living and Caring.




NEW CHAPTER MEMBERS:  A welcome abroad to Tammy Fanning, Salina and Leah Delamater, Independence KS.

REST HOME:    William Long in Pinnacle Park, Room 211, 2936 Georgia Ave. 

SICK CALL: Nelson Newell is in rehabilitation for a broken hip at the Lindsborg Community Hospital, 605 W Lincoln St room 206. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER:  Donald Fleming and Daniel Renard. Happy Birthday You All!


KNOW ANYONE PLANNING TO JOIN THE MILITARY?   If so, they might want to prep for the military Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) that place soldiers into training groups.  There is a website link for study purposes with a practice test, which is


VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA (VVA) CHAPTER 809:An Open Invitation to all Saline County Veterans for COFFEE and DOUGHNUTS on Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 AM, Salina Innovation Foundation, Masonic Center, 336 S. Santa Fe.  Gain access on the north side via the red door. 

AUGUST MEETING TIDBITS:  Vickie Guillot won the meeting attendance drawing a $20.00 gift card. Guest Speaker, Tammy Fanning, a presentation on “The Old Guard," the Army's official Honor Guard (3rd US Infantry Regiment) and escort to the US President.   Member Fred Fanning presented his wife with a Chapter Certificate of Appreciation and a free TREA membership. Shirley Wagner gave the August financial report of $1543.26 in the checking account. Members in attendance voted and approved to donate $50.00 to the 2019 Fort Riley Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD) and not to have a recruiting booth this year at the RAD; only on an even number year. Furthermore, approved changes to the chapter bylaws (term limitation for a person continuously filling the same officer position, elect one officer for three years and one officer for a four-year term for the sake of continuity).

WE'RE HERE FOR YOU:  We would like to know how you are doing, are you having health issues, and are you living alone, can we be of help in any way? We want you to know that as a member of Chapter 16, we care about you. So, call one of the above-listed officers if you need any assistance.


LAST CALL:  July 31st is the last month to pay the yearly $14.00 fee to receive Newsletter by the Postal Service mail. If you forgot, you could still pay.


LABOR DAY QUOTE: “Before the reward, there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.” – Ralph Ransom


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