September 2020


Midway Chapter 16

ISSUE: 9        SEPTEMBER 2020

OFFICERS:  President – Fred Fanning 785-201-7824; Vice President – Gary Keil; 785-822-4131; Secretary -Bill Vinyard 785-785-08394: Treasurer: - Roger Thull 785-827-7981; Chaplain – Moses Stewart 785-827-5956.



PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Hello, and hope you are doing well. We continue to live with the restrictions of the Pandemic. Our meetings will be canceled until we can meet safely. I recently spoke to the Saline County Health Department, and they agree that we shouldn'tmeet until things improve. The number of new cases of COVID-19 in Saline county remains high. Thankfully, the number of deaths and hospitalizations is steady. Not meeting during this risky time will keep our members safe and healthy. Thank you for remaining with the chapter during this difficult time. We have bright years ahead of us.


Fred Fanning



REST HOME/SICK/RECOVERING:    William Long in Pinnacle Park, Room 211, 2936 Georgia Ave, Dorothy Armster McCall Manor, and Roger Thull at home. Pray for these three individuals.




COVID-19:  As of Aug. 4, VA recorded at least 40,371 total cases of the virus. That number includes 5,000 active cases and more than 33,000 "convalescent" cases -- patients who were recovering or were 14 days removed from a positive test -- and more than 2,000 deaths. The number of patients dying because of complications of the coronavirus at the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to grow, and on Tuesday, it surpassed 2,000. 


FINANCIAL REPORT:   This month spent $22.00 on postage for newsletter mailing, one free membership $30.00, and received a free-will donation of $50.00. As of  September 5th, a check account balance of $1337.61. 


MEDICATION BY USPS: Most of the Department of Veterans Affairs prescriptions are fulfilled by mail. But as U.S. Postal Service delays mount, more and more veterans are reporting long wait times to receive critical medication, and VA staff says the problem is only growing.  According to the department, VA provides about 80% of all its outpatient prescriptions to veterans by mail using seven "highly automated pharmacies.  And the other 20%  filled at local VA medical facilities. VA's website says prescriptions "usually arrive within three to five days" of being ordered or even an average of "60 hours from filling to delivery," and advises veterans to request refills at least ten days in advance of running out.  Note: TREA HEADQUARTERS: TREA ask members to  please let them know if you are having issues with receiving your Prescription Drugs -- email


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL:  We have 47 members and ask that you renew your membership as soon as possible.   A review of the latest chapter roster revealed that HQ TREA gives you one month (30 DAYS PASS YOUR  EXPIRATION DATE) to renew your membership.  Thus, it removes your name off the roster.  We do not want to lose you as a member.  And thank those of you that timely renew your membership.  The pandemic threat does  NOT help things; it makes it relatively easy to forget to send in membership renewal. 


SENATE VETERANS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE SENDS 12 BILLS TO FLOOR:  Some of the bills are: S.2558, cited as the Nursing Home Care for Native American Veterans Act, S.3643, cited as the VA Mission Telehealth Clarification Act,S.2950,and  cited as the Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act of 201, S.711.


LABOR DAY QUOTE:  “The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.” – Mother Teresa



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