President's Corner

Hello everyone. Sorry to say, the threat of strains of COVID-19 is still with us. In 2022, I hope you will continue to stay safe and healthy. 

As your new Chapter President, I am excited and honored to serve you for two years. The last two Presidents (Richard Trow and Fred Fanning) have ensured this chapter remains strong and the only TREA Chapter in Kansas. So will I. Also, I welcome Jason Bathon as the chapter's new Vice-President and look forward to working with him to lead this chapter to accomplish new goals.


Innovative ideas are instrumental in the financial survival of chapter 16. I will collaborate with all members to plan new fundraisers and membership recruitment events to enhance our chapter. We have the platforms, our membership, a website, and a Facebook page, to get the message out to the public about chapter 16. At our monthly meeting, feel free to make suggestions and ask questions.


Gary Keil

Chapter 16 President